Friday, July 31, 2009

Big House in the Little Woods

Here at STUDY we tend to think of ourselves as urban creatures. Big box stores give us hives, and the sight of a mini-van barreling down a two lane city street has us, well, feeling empty inside. That's not to say there isn't more to the world than skyscrapers and readily available public transportation. STUDY was reminded of this last weekend when we took an impromptu trip to Michigan. Saugatuck and Douglas to be exact.

STUDY had the pleasure of staying at a friend's cottage that has been in his family since the 1930's. Each home had it's own unique style and essentially, time period going on, but it was "the big house" that had us feeling like we'd just stepped onto the pages of a Faulkner novel.

The great part about staying in a space that's been in constant use - but lovingly cared for - since the 30's is that you know you're not surrounded by the cast-offs of some "shabby chic" fire sale. This, if we may say so, is Cottage done right.

And although they're not the most practical transportation devices, our lazy Saturday afternoon spent on a pontoon in Lake Kalamazoo, has us considering a purchase.

Later we were greeted with the best thing Michigan has to offer: Nature, in the form of one Canada Goose, one ornery seagull, and an adorable family of ducks.

STUDY also found our new mascot while we were in Saugatuck. Much like STUDY, our canine friend was affable to strangers taking his picture, and only slightly intimidating in his gaze.

Alas, we let the pooch be and ended our journey with a few Venetian Night fireworks over Lake Kalamazoo. Ahh, Summer...