Friday, August 28, 2009

SOLD to the impeccably dressed gentlemen in the front...

Auction time! Nothing like a vintage nude and retro clock to dress up the drab corner of your dining room.
During a Midwestern childhood, STUDY's first exposure to an auction was rather unimpressive. It was in fact, a farm auction, where a fast talking man née auctioneer sold off everything from John Deer tractors to porch rockers. There was a sad undercurrent as men in overalls perused the relics of their failed (dead?) farming comrade. Wives in printed blouses and ugly slacks sold barbecue on white buns, scooped out of crock pots.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

STUDY goes Davenport

Study needs a new sofa. Currently we lounge upon a French mid-century teak version, clad in cream canvas purchased at Toomey Gallery (shown above left, in a past apartment). Though this sofa is very STUDY, it was originally intended for the sun room of a past life, and was never destined for every day use. Its loose cushions tend to rapidly shift over an extended period of TV watching, and the color and fabric are rather unforgiving. Martha Stewart only allows the consumption of red wine in one room at her Bedford farm. Study, though impressed, cannot condone this practice in a 1000 square foot apartment, as we would be confining guests to enjoy their shiraz while bent over the bathtub. And, considering the routines of the apartment's inhabitants (two six-foot-plus gentlemen with dirty shoes, and their five pound Beaglier puppy) , the new couch needs to be less dainty all around.