Thursday, September 17, 2009

A New Way to STUDY

Here at STUDY we try to be all things to all people very specifically true to ourselves. We've come to find that this is a pretty solid motto to live by and translates to all facets of life, not least of all, design. Simply put, going with what you know/love and not getting bamboozled by trends lays the groundwork for homes, spaces and art that stand the test of time. This is a design philosophy we've tried to exemplify here and one that we hope will translate into our new online venture: STUDY, by way of tumblr.

Now, now... we realize that tumblr is synonymous with all that is shameful about the internet: it is nebulous, vague, trend-devouring and unforgivably lazy. Yet for all its faults, tumblr does allow STUDY the opportunity to regularly share with you the myriad images, quotes and music that stoke our fires day in and day out. Were we to write an exegesis each time we saw an image worthy of posting on STUDY we'd most likely lose readers due to fatigue, and our day jobs in the process. So until that bright, shining day comes when we can write up each gorgeously appointed room Marie Claire Maison or Elle Decor has to offer, well... we hope this will tide you over in the meantime.