Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hiatus, Interrupted

via Greything

STUDY was all over the place this past holiday season both mentally and physically, and while it's a great time of year, frankly we're glad to move on. I'm sure we're not alone in the particular form of melancholy this season can inspire, but it's times like these we have to remember what made the past year great.

Whether that meant throwing a mad scientist-themed Halloween party, styling a home on the Southeast Oak Park Style Housewalk, a holiday event at Thos. Moser, or trips to Saugatuck and Minneapolis... we had a great time doing each one and thank you for taking the time to share them with us.

Special thanks also goes out to each and every one of you who made all these events and trips possible and ultimately, more enjoyable by your presence.

Finally, here's to more good times in 2010!