Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vintage Bazaar Preview Day

White vinyl Hollywood Regency chair, water buffalo horn, Carrera marble lamp, blue bowl.  Nesting tables upholstered in vintage fabric.

Why hello, and welcome to my basement.

Last night John and I started the dry run for booth setup at the Vintage Bazaar, Second Edition.  Surprisingly, there were very few tears and only a couple of fistfights.  We were unusually polite to each other, even during tense moments of epic importance when deciding where to place the driftwood, because we both have objects and display elements that we are sooo EXCITED over.

To pique your interest, here are a few teaser pics after the jump:

Spider under glass, brown medical bottles, metal lamp all placed on silver tray.  Perfect as a birthday gift for your Goth big sister, or perhaps something to adorn your guest room.

Why hello Lucite legged table of wonder.  I think I will place a mortar and pestle on you.

Chair of many brown stripes, meet amazing wood/brass/lucite floor lamp crowned in burlap shade.

Cups with leather cozies rest on a mirrored tray.  Bring your goods home in a vintage suitcase! I actually used to travel with this exact luggage back when I was much douchier a young collegiate vagabond.

Porcupine quills look sexier when placed on smokey glass tables from 1979.  Prepare to be amazed by these little chrome beauties.  John wants to keep them.

Knee knockers and topless lady painting anyone?  We will have you playing doctor in no time. Plus you can wear home these specs, give yourself a certificate of achievement, and leave with a sigh of vintage contentment.

See you on Sunday, ladies.