Friday, September 24, 2010

In Which Katherine Raz Schools STUDY

Revision Home Chicago Bronze Camel Sculpture
Bronze Camel - $100
Available from Revision Home

Sometimes it pays to do things on the fly. So instead of my planned vegetation in front of Bravo last night, I high-tailed on over to Revision Home for TVB-co-creatrix, Katherine Raz's presentation 10 Places You Wouldn't Expect to Find Great Home Decor. The event is part of the Chicago Architecture Foundation's new At Home series and - in my opinion - it's long overdue. Katherine did a bang up job at schooling us on navigating the often murky waters of sourcing furniture and home decor (read: ebay is the devil) and there was lots of cheese and cocktails (read: the perfect evening).

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So to be completely honest, I walked in thinking I wasn't going to learn anything, but I DID which just means that Katherine is smarter than all of us. There was lots of talk of craigslist, thrift stores, estate sales - but the strangest part of the evening was when most of the crowd was taking notes on sources I use all the time - let 'bots automate your searches! - and then we get to the part on what a goldmine church rummage sales are. Everyone starts piping up, like I go all the time. Who? What? Why didn't I get the memo?

I've never been to a church rummage sale - probably because I have a distinct fear of having church ladies yell at me - but that is all changing this year.

Revision Home was full of great, affordable pieces and looking around, I decided for a few minutes I wanted to live there. They do weekend sales four times a year and are open by appointment. No worries though since they have another coming up November 12 - 13. Also, the CAF's At Home series continues throughout 2010 with some upcoming events that are not to be missed.

FYI, I sat on this chair during the presentation and, NO, I didn't spill anything on it:

Revision Home Chicago Green Greek Key Chair in Velvet
via Revision Home

Let me just say, it's super comfortable, it swivels and it's decorated in green Greek key! This means it's perfect for everyone. Revision owner Katie Ernst said that she reupholsters pretty much everything she finds, but the fabric looked original to me plus it's in great condition. Buy it from Revision Home and tell your friends that one half of STUDY sat on it.

Revision Home
2132 W. Fulton
Chicago, IL

Chicago Architecture Foundation's At Home Series