Friday, May 20, 2011

Best of the Blogs: STUDY's Week in Review - 5/20

Heurtley House by Frank Lloyd Wright (1902)
Frank Lloyd Wright's Arthur B. Heurtley House
via ihynz7

What. A. Week. You may have noticed we didn't check in with a round-up last week because, oh yeah, we we're prepping for the best Vintage Bazaar to date and the internet fell apart. Well now everything is back up and running and so are we. We've soft-launched our store and have already picked up a few odds and ends to show off when we hit Dose Market on June 5th. Tonight - however - is all about Wright Plus preview night.

So how'd you get tickets to this sold out event you ask? Well, little known fact about one half of STUDY... Andrew gives tours at the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio and he'll be volunteering tomorrow at the Arthur B. Heurtley House.

STUDY + Frank Lloyd Wright: This is truly what it's like when worlds collide.

So stop by and say hi! But if no one's scalping tickets, here's some reading material to keep you busy:

- Think antlers are over? Think again. - @manuel_design

- If we judged this book by some of it's covers, we'd be very, very confused - Caustic Cover Critic

- Milton Glaser's Big Kitchen makes us nostalgic for the days when food courts were still interesting and not just feudal villages flanked by Sbarro and Panda Express. - Wary Meyers

- This golden bathroom was built in 1938. You may now pick your jaw up off the floor. - Design Crisis

- Sol LeWitt inspires an awesome geometric window on La Cienega - @MollyLoot

- That extra 10 million burning a hole in your pocket is just waiting to purchase the Francis J. Dewes Mansion. - @BRJudgeDesign

- THIS is what street art should look like. Too bad in Chicago we usually get ridiculous Blago paintings. - Fine Ting Og Sjokolade