Friday, June 10, 2011

Best of the Blogs: STUDY's Week in Review - 6/10

Los Angeles Cathedral Entry
Robert Graham's The Virgin Mary
via ken mccown

Our Friday roundup may have been MIA last week, but that's because Andrew and I were busy with respective trips to Los Angeles and Rhode Island. You couldn't get two more dissimilar destinations. While I was busy roaming the ridiculously quaint College Hill neighborhood, Andrew was visiting Rafael Moneo's postmodern Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels. Then we managed to make it back to Chicago for Sunday's Dose Market. Somewhere in the middle we perused a blog or two.

Needless to say it was all very Planes, Trains and Automobiles around here. Except in our case it's much more Planes, Automobiles, iPhones and Laptops. At any rate, here are a few posts that kept us going along the way:

- If you love your stylish dad, you'll get him something from the Wary Meyer's Father's Day shop. - Wary Meyers Decorative Arts

- Book design perfection by Will Staehle. - @grainedit

- Typically we don't follow food blogs, but since two of our favorite ingredients in the world are asparagus and soy sauce, well... we had to change our habits. - @LottieandDoof

- Why must all good things come to an end? Because of this guy! Witness the destruction of some beautiful landscaping. - @LynnBecker

- Mango, mango, burning bright. - Old Brand New

- This gives me faith that I can wear my wrinkled clothes and still look stylish. - @Sartorialist

- We're embarrassed to say that we're obsessed with this Bravo commercial. This doesn't change the fact that the creative director for this should be thanked. Profusely. - @SGlossyM