Friday, June 24, 2011

Best of the Blogs: STUDY's Week in Review - 6/24


It's been a very exciting week here in STUDY-land thanks in large part to our Apartment Therapy house tour. At last count, our tour had over 180 likes on facebook which is truly amazing and totally gratifying seeing as how we measure our self-worth in anonymous social adulation. Gee guys... you really know how to make a couple of boys feel proud. But seriously, we strongly suggest you contact Apartment Therapy for your own house tour since it's super fun and a great excuse to clean. Who knows, if you don't offer up your own place we may just submit pictures for you.

J/K... we wouldn't submit pictures without you knowing. But what we will do is comment on your tour and tell you just how great everything looks.

And now for the real reason you came here... the Friday round-up:
  • When we finally get around to opening the STUDY store/cafe/center-for-troubled-youth... we want it to look just like one of these buildings. - @LEEBEY
  • We thought we were trendsetters or something when we did The Vintage Bazaar at the Congress Theater in 2010, but this photo is cold hard evidence that we were mistaken - Uptown Chicago History