Friday, October 14, 2011

Sofa Table Time

Add this to the long list of items I buy for the explicit purpose of reselling, but end up putting in my house because, a. I love them, and b. when is the next time I'm going to come across a 6 ft long Parsons sofa table? Seriously folks, things are about to get out of hand if I don't do another market soon... Papa needs to unload some merch. But for the time being, ye old sofa table is staying put. I'd been toying with the idea of purchasing one for approximately the last four years, but I've never lived in a place that would exactly accommodate a floating sofa/table combo with 33" clearance on both sides. You heard it here first... STUDY thinks about ADA guidelines all the time... it's just how we roll (no pun intended).

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bisqueheads, Bisqueheads

Bisque 1960s Male Busts

This past weekend was the first in almost a month I've been able to hit up any estate sales or do any thrifting - more on that later - but I also took the chance to check out the second annual Design Harvest festival on Grand Avenue. There were more of the same excellent vendors from last year (Revision Home and Furniture Revival to name a few) and some welcome new blood from up north (Andersonville's Room Service). Also, the turnout was huge. Huge as in, the tent needs to be widened next year to allow for more foot traffic. But if you're going to have a problem, then it's a good one to have I suppose. Still, my real jesusmaryandjoseph moment came when I realized The Find had opened a location on Grand Avenue in the old Urban Remains space. As soon as I walked in, I immediately fell in love with this pair of equal parts creepy and amazing bisque busts. They're from the 60s and remind me of a pivotal scene from one of my favorite childhood movies.