Saturday, July 4, 2009

Joie de Peach

Photo courtesy The Careful Peach

STUDY prides itself on a clean-lined classic aesthetic, but upon occasion our craving for the plush and ornate takes over. When faced with this urge, one must open a bottle of chilled muscat, soak in a warm bath anointed with various flora, then dry oneself with vintage linens (preferably monogrammed with some other lady's initials). Or, we could just head to the Careful Peach Boutique located in Oak Park's Harrison Street Arts district.

There you'll find pixie-like proprietrix Karen Morovia who will delight you with offerings vintage and new. Specializing in French imports (bath products, linens, jewelry, etc.), the Peach takes next Saturday (July 11th) to celebrate Gallic independence with a daylong Bastille Day Celebration. Festivities begin at 11:00 AM and feature live music, a poodle parade and 15% off anything and everything French in the shop. If memory serves, there may even be Champagne involved. And if that weren't enough, among the Peach's recent acquisitions are several mid-century modern objets. Priced very reasonably, these hip relics remind us that form indeed follows function, even if you occasionally stray.

Photo courtesy The Careful Peach

The Careful Peach is located at:
128 Harrison
Oak Park, IL, 60304