Thursday, January 14, 2010

Doctor's Orders

There are few things we in life we hate worse than going to the dentist, but perhaps that wouldn't be the case if our dentist had this hanging out in his office:

We're almost hesitant to share where we found this mid-century Danish dental cabinet, but being the kind and benevolent blog that this is, we'll tell you that it was at Olde Chicago Antiques on Kedzie. They've always got a fantastic selection there and a more than knowledgeable staff, but so rarely do you find something quite so streamlined and modern. We considered ourselves lucky and scooped her up while we still could. Since late October she's been gracing our entryway as a sort of landing pad/magazine holder/receipt organizer.

We've tried to do a bit more research on this particular cabinet - outside of knowing it came out of a dentist's office in Denmark - but there are no markings or stamps to be had. Not a problem though, since we found all this goodness while scouring the internet:

1940's Industrial Metal Dental Cabinet
via 1stdibs

Maybe we've been completely brainwashed by Steampunk, but this looks to be older than 1940s. Whatever - 1stdibs never lies, does it. And at $12,000 this hefty piece and all its glorious drawers can be yours.

via 1stdibs

Oh God, the drawers! We don't care if someone labels us new antiquarians after seeing this in our house. We want it!

STUDY was also quite taken with these vintage metal cabinets being billed as nightstands over at The House That Lars Built.

Industrial Metal Nightstands

And then there's the glut of Bakelite dental cabinets populating the internet. While all these Deco beauties are wonderful, there's something about the fact that they're so easy to find that makes them just a little less desirable.

Vintage Dental Cabinet
via Design Sponge

Vintage Metal Dental Cabinet
via Chris and Sue

Hamilton (American Cabinet Co.) Dental Cabinet
via I Found You

Refurbished Dental Cabinet
via Atomic Tonic

If we had to pick one, we'd definitely take the silver... or we'd just blow it all our preconceived style notions out the window and go for something like this:

Dada Dental Cabinet
via Fears and Kahn

Dadaism has never been a favorite of STUDY's, but if this is what it's being interpreted as, we're beginning to like the sound of that.

And though it's apropos of nothing medical at all... also THIS:

Orange Lacquered Campaign Desk by Milo Baughman
via 1stdibs

At $8,900, STUDY won't be picking this up tomorrow but it's practically made for us and such a perfect pairing for our dental cabinet cum organizer-thing. Perhaps we'll save our pennies and finally purchase this as a proper workstation instead of continuing to precariously balance laptops on our knees. Not likely, but we'll keep you posted.