Friday, January 15, 2010

Mattress Shopping with Oskar

Would you deny this puppy a bed?

Poor Oskar. He's become so desperate about not having a proper place to lay his head that he's taken to sleeping in his car. Tough times my friend.

Actually we're pretty eager to get this little guy an official place to sleep. He's not as little as he was in this photo but we tried to find his most beseeching looking mug in our iPhoto library and low and behold, there it was. Oskar's just about six months old now and like any headstrong teenager, he's asking to makeover his room. Thankfully he's not asking to paint his room black like we did once upon a time (although we'd probably let him) - he just wants a stylish bunk for sleeping, toy chewing and the occasional siesta.

There are lots of dog beds out there... ahem, pillows you throw on the floor... but this little guy deserves something better. So far we've found the following:

Philipp Plein Dog Bed ($1,450 - $1,650)

via Luxist

Oh. My. God. This Corbusier knock-off -inspired dog bed is all swank, but we don't really see Oskar going in for such a bachelor pad-y bed. We do, however, enjoy the easy to clean faux leather cover. Not sure where or if this is available to purchase anymore, but maybe that's a good thing.

Hepper Pod ($155)
Available at Hepper Home

via Hepper Home

We thought this looked completely bizarre at first, but the Hepper Pod's really grown on us. Not that that means anything for Oskar since he'd have to practically train with the circus before getting into bed every night. We're negotiating with him right now by explaining to him the chic-ness that is herringbone.

Mija Bed ($1,120 - $2,275)
Available at Wowbow

via Wowbow

Our favorite thus far. Or maybe it's the puppy - don't worry, we still love you Oskar. The great thing about the Mija is that its customizable. Oskar wants a white cushion for sure since he likes making us sweat, but we're torn about the casing color:

The Chou-Chou ($1000 - $1500)
Available at Bark Deco

via Bark Deco

This is by far the most boring of all the beds we found, but there's something awfully nice about its simplicity. They don't offer photos on their website, but this also comes in zebrawood which happens to be Oskar's favorite.

Holden Designs Pet Bed ($200 - $250)
Available at All Pet Furniture

via Holden Designs

Okay, we know we sort of poked fun at the Corbusier-ish bed, but we're all over this Eames-y doggy lounger. Just imagine what Oskar would look like laying on a lambskin rug on top of this. Oh wait!

via Holden Designs