Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weekend Plans

East German Robotron 202 Typewriter from the DDR Museum
East German Typewriter - DDR Museum
via Nate Hofer

Katherine over at BackGarage has a great post up about her recent trip to Berlin and a stop at the storefront Deutsche Demokratische Republik Museum. The DDR's focus isn't on exposing crimes committed behind the Iron Curtain, but showing how everyday East Berliners lived, or should we say lived without. It really highlights the emotional attachments we sometimes make to objects and simultaneously makes STUDY a little uncomfortable since we'll be spending this weekend in the capitol of conspicuous consumption.

Chrysler Building Crown/Top
via Héctor de Pereda

That's right ladies and gentlemen, we'll be in New York City this weekend taking in everything there is in this den of excess. Rest assured there will be plenty of opportunities for us to make some misguided emotional attachments to objects since we'll be making stops at the Brooklyn Flea and possibly the 56th annual Winter Antiques Show... and we promise to fill you in on any carnage that ensues.

Sure we're still a little jealous that Katherine got to go to Berlin, but we'll be fine once we've had a chance to donate our wallets to the city of New York.