Monday, March 8, 2010

{shop} STUDY

We told you last week that big things were afoot here at STUDY, but even we didn't realize the amount of time it was going to take to get our shop up and running. Never mind though, since we're now ready to offer everyone a chance to {shop} STUDY.

No doubt if you've checked out this logo over on the sidebar you already know that we're offering vintage pieces for local pick-up and delivery in Chicago. We've had this brewing for a while, but the Vintage Bazaar really kicked things into high gear for us since we had such a great time meeting so many people who were on the lookout for quality vintage. And that's exactly what we're about here at STUDY.

Right now we have available:

- A great pair of upholstered floral patterned chairs that are part bergere, part mid-century and completely awesome:

- A vintage Canadian flag plate:

- A low-slung blue and white tiled mid-century side table:

- A set of five mid-century cocktail glasses:

- A set of four coffee mugs sporting sketches of Marina City Towers and three other Chicago landmarks:

And lest we completely deny the rest of the world from taking home one of these goodies, we've also got our etsy shop up and running:

Our etsy store takes it's name from the concept of case goods, so currently we're offering items that are smaller in size and can be shipped to you regardless of whether not you're in greater Chicago. But wherever you are, feel free to have a look around, ask questions and above all, be on the lookout for more vintage home furnishings and accessories from STUDY.