Monday, August 16, 2010

STUDY at the Vintage Bazaar II

Its been a hot, sticky, busy summer here at STUDY, namely due to our new home, excessive pets, and intrusive day jobs.  Fortunately we use every spare minute of our lunch breaks and weekends acquiring shiny and unique objects that we want you to buy.  Do not be fooled by the tired old photo headlining this post–– we literally have amassed a cellar full of THINGS. Currently the worker bees of STUDY are cataloging, pricing, and polishing the contents of our new basement warehouse in anticipation for the second Vintage Bazaar, happening this Sunday at the Congress Theater from noon to 7 PM.

While Andrew continues his fondness for sticks and stones, ornate metal bowls, bell jars of ferns, monochromatic palettes, and slightly more maudlin lines (read: ladylike, faux Edwardian meets Poe, with a heavy Grandma's attic influence), John has dragged us toward au currant with his introduction of early eighties Chromcase pieces, smokey glass cocaine-worthy side tables, and accessories that would be at home on the set of Falcon Crest (read: was over-exposed to Nagel prints as a child).  There is also quite a lot of overlap in our tastes: we both adore upholstered parson's tables, white vinyl Hollywood Regency lounge chairs, and most anything shiny/vintage/leather (read: we have an unhealthy relationship with Elle Decor and we are gay.)   The marriage of our styles is not unlike our relationship:  pretty on the surface, at times quirky, unapologetic, and must be purchased "AS IS."

Check back later this week for some previews of our wares! And, if you're free Sunday, please stop in and see us.  We are super excited and have managed to acquire a nice big booth close to the entrance.  You can't miss it. 

Vintage Bazaar: Sunday, 8/22 from 12-7pm at Congress Theater, 2135 N. Milwaukee