Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Sweet and Bungalow-down

Greetings From Berwyn, IL Postcard

This weekend the Berwyn Historical Society held its 4th Bungalow Tour after taking un pouqito siesta in 2009. This year's house walk, Bungalows and More, gave attendees a nice chance to see the other face of Berwyn - it's more than spindles, bungalows and Svengoolie people - by opening up the playing field to Victorians and one significant Prairie school home.

2010 Berwyn Bungalow Tour Poster

Everyone in our group had their favorites, but I think it's safe to say the prize fighter of the tour was one of Berwyn's only two private residences listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, the Arthur J. Dunham home:

Arthur J. Dunham Home - Berwyn, IL
via The Prairie School Traveller

This 1907 Tallmadge and Watson-designed home was by far the grandest house featured, but unfortunately only the first floor was open. Still, they more than made up for it by providing extensive historical details and photos along the tour - three generations of the same family have been there since day one.

All told, there were only two classic brick bungalows on the tour, both of which were gorgeous, but this one had me when it whispered green ceramic roof in my ear.

Classis Berwyn Bungalow

As for curb appeal, my personal favorite was the Queen Anne that doubled as Berwyn's poster child in its 2008 centennial campaign.

Queen Anne Victorian Berwyn

Queen Anne Victorian Berwyn

I couldn't seem to find the centennial poster posted anywhere online, but drive around Berwyn for a bit and you're bound to run into one - and a few good looking homes along the way.