Friday, October 29, 2010

Chair Story

Nightwood Restaurant Sign Chicago
via MacQ

Although we ate at The Publican last night for Andrew's birthday - I will only eat at well-designed restaurants from here on out! - today we're gonna talk about another stunner in Pilsen: Nightwood. Interiors blog, My Little Apartment, had a post today about being on the hunt for Nightwood's signature orange swivel chairs. Finally... someone understands our plight. We've been searching for these bad boys ever since Nightwood opened in May of 2009. A blast from the past and, maybe, another piece of the puzzle after the jump.

Nightwood Restaurant Orange Chairs
via Nightwood

Gorgeous, right? But the question remains, where the hell did these chairs come from? The results of a little sleuthing last year appeared on my old blog:

"As with any restaurant I go to, I'm there for the food sure, but what really gets me excited are the surroundings. The interior here is, in a word, gorgeous, and mixes modern pieces (the patio will no doubt be featured in Dwell shortly) with classic elements that, if not revolutionary, are executed perfectly. Andrew was immediately taken with the vintage orange leather swivel chairs seen above that were apparently purchased from a now defunct hotel - I need to know which one! - and I had a near-ecstatic experience when I got up to go to the bathroom post-meal where I found a copious use of chunky tone on tone picture molding, a black basin and toilet, and hand-painted Mediterranean tile. Bravo Kevin Heisner (Nightwood's designer)... you've achieved perfection in the potty and I say this without a hint of irony."

So we're enlisting you dear reader - if you know anything more about the origins of these chairs do tell! Or maybe we'll just put a call in to Heisner himself if he's not busy designing some other glorious establishment like Violet Hour, Empire Liquors or Little Branch Cafe.