Friday, October 8, 2010

A-chateau of nothing

Chateau 20x200 Print by Jeremy Kohm
via 20x200

The Kubrick-worthy photo you see right there is called Chataeu by photographer Jeremy Kohm. It was originally sold by 20x200, a site offering limited edition art by emerging and established photographers and artists. 20x200's tiered pricing makes it a great option for those just starting out a collection, but the real reason I'm posting this is because I bought this particular archival pigment inked print on 100% cotton rag paper with a luster finish approximately a month ago and now it's being featured by USA Network's Character Approved blog. In case you're wondering, yes, it's that USA Network of World Wrestling Federation and Psych fame. So basically this purchase has been ruined.

Chateau 20x200 Print by Jeremy Kohm
The offending blog in point
via USA Network

Don't get me wrong, we're still framing this beauty and, probably, hanging it our living room, but USA's blog post brings up an interesting dilemma I deal with all the time: what happens to an object's perceived value or aesthetic integrity when it's suddenly being lauded by a person or institution of questionable taste (sorry to get all "freshman thesis" on you). It's like when Restoration Hardware dove head-first into the vintage look, offering faux subway roll signs and eyeglass frame molds. What once could've been considered unique or innovative when used in home decor, was suddenly tired, trite and painfully done.

So you see why I'm mourning the the posting of this particular image on USA's blog. At least they positively BURY the artist's name in the story which I find to be both lazy writing and good for my print's artistic integrity.