Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You Light Up My Life

Black Halloween Chandelier
We're pretty sure this isn't what Debby Boone had in mind...

Last year we threw a Halloween party. It had a mad scientist theme. And mad scientists keep Gothic, nature-inspired chandeliers in their sunrooms, right? At least, we think they do. So after buying a seriously messed up brass chandelier at the Salvation Army, spray painting it and some twigs flat black, then piecing them all together - well there you have one mad scientist chandelier made-to-order.

We swear that the sunroom didn't have cheesecloth and a crazy light fixture hanging in it 365 days a year. Proof positive:


And then Halloween came around. Here's our day...

Halloween Sunroom

And evening look.

Halloween Sunroom

Viewing these pictures from last year got us reminiscing and we'd be lying if we said we didn't miss our Gothic beauty. It's, um, completely creepy to keep something like that up year-round, but perhaps it's time for an upgrade?

Venfield Black Gothic Chandelier
via Venfield

This Italian beauty is over three and a half feet tall! We don't have room for it, but we'll be happy to source it for your haunted Victorian manse.

Or perhaps you'd like something a little more industrial?

Black Architect's Lamp Chandelier
via Sight Unseen

Try not to look up at that and imagine a giant spider attacking you. Then again, you could always go a bit more conservative, but glam:

Porta Romana Black Block Chandelier
via Porta Romana

Or maybe haunted Northwoods is more your scene:

Black Deer Antler Chandelier

Or overblown Italiano drama:

Venfield Black Disc Chandelier
via Venfield

Murano Imports Black Curled Chandelier
via Interior Dream

Venfield Black Molded Glass Chandelier
via Venfield

The Italians do love their black chandeliers - and rest assured, any one of these puppies will dwarf your living room and obliterate your bank account. If that's not scary, I don't know what is.

Happy Halloween!