Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Vintage Bazaar Pops It Like It's Hot


The Vintage Bazaar pop-up shop happened this past weekend and then disappeared as fast as it came. It was sort of like Brigadoon only with more dancing and drinking. There were a ton of advantages to being in one spot for three days versus doing a one day event (read: I don't feel like I just ran a marathon) but Andrew and I both agree that the best part this time around is that we actually got to hang out with our fellow vendors and had a blast the entire time. Selfish? Maybe, but we also managed to sell some beautiful vintage pieces just in time for the holidays.

DSC_0049 copy copy

The STUDY booth, but with five vendors - all with a great eye for styling - the space really took on the feel of a permanent shop.


Our wonderful neighbor at the Bazaar, Gosia from Architectural Anarchy bought this early man book plate from STUDY. I had a hard time letting it out of the permanent collection, but I know she'll do something amazing with it.


Please, sit a spell in our cozy pied-à-terre.


That Paul McCobb for Planner Group coffee table may be gone, but you can still satisfy your inner Mad Man with this Jens Risom leather chair for a sweet $350.



Those black caned chairs belong to Architectural Anarchy. I want them in my imaginary country house. The wheat sheaf can stay too.


Want the Anthropologie look at decidedly un-Anthropologie prices? This crewel work chair is still available for only $175.


Special thanks to Lisa and Bob from Vintage Goodies/Art Goodies, Morgan and Jayson from Manly Vintage, Gosia from Blue Bell Bazaar/Architectural Anarchy, and Sarah of Cushion Chicago for being a fantastic group of housemates for the weekend. Also, Katherine and Libby (our den mothers) as always, thanks for organizing a great event. We'll see you at the vintage reality show auditions!


Interested in something else you saw at the Bazaar but didn't snatch up? Contact us directly at studyllc@gmail.com for prices and availability.