Friday, April 22, 2011

Best of the Blogs: STUDY's Week in Review - 4/22

Giant Statue in Brooklyn, New York

Happy Friday everyone! It happens to be both Good Friday and Earth Day which means that you're not allowed to cut down any old growth trees to makes crosses for  your crucifixion reenactments. It's really unfortunate too since old growth lumber is the strongest and there's nothing more embarrassing than having the guy playing Dimas break his cross before you can even hoist him up. Awkward.

But whether your passions lie in Christ, the earth, or design... today's a pretty good day no matter how you look at it:

- Alice in Designland shows us that (even it's associated with Dwell Studio) it's possible to not fall all over yourself with praise for a book that just doesn't make the cut. - @AliceDesignland

- Please excuse the blood-stained dress. We hear Ms. Portman's very method. - @Yatzer

- J. Berg is a stylist who cuts STUDY's hair - no seriously... both of ours. He's good at what he does and he reminds us that a good cut can transcend decades. - @jberg180

- Grab your emerald green vintage Schwinn and your plaid picnic blanket... we're drinking beer by the lake this summer. - @pitchdesign

- You know that scene in Peter Pan when they all fly past Big Ben? For some reason I always thought there were people living inside the tower. Apparently I wasn't the only one. - @Contemporist

- This is the most inspirational thing we've seen all week. Just please don't judge us when you read a post later on about how we hot glued pieces of broken mirror to a credenza, then tried to sell it on craigslist with the tag "hollywood glam". - @Yatzer

- My Little Apartment takes stock of some of Z Gallerie's recent, non-offensive products and reminds us that they are still the best place to go to buy gifts for people you don't like. - My Little Apartment