Friday, April 29, 2011

Best of the Blogs: STUDY's Week in Review - 4/29

Vintage Canadian Flag Plate

What with all this royal wedding madness going on today, we thought we'd give you at least one little spot on the internet where you didn't have a British flag flapping in your face. Though if you want to get technical I suppose there is still a "Queen of Canada" whose name just so happens to be Elizabeth II.

Hmmm... Queen of Canada. The visions of glamour and majesty that title conjures up might just make your head explode.

In honesty, we love Canada and are kind of jealous that their money has the queen on it. And for all you anglophiles out there, here's what you may have missed while you were busy getting spotted dick all over your ascot this morning:

- We're not the type who take to walking around looking like a giant advertisement, but these Lacoste towels may change all that.- @TSFtennis

- iPhones and image filters will make even the most ordinary trip to the flea market, captivating. - @ArrenWilliams

- A beautiful mid-century church that only took 20+ years to build. - @LEEBEY

- Chez Larsson's kitchen rehab is inspiring and reminds us that, yes, one day ours will be done too. - @benitalarsson

- For all you modern lumber-jacks and jills out there, Plastolux highlights the log bench. - @plastolux

- Okay, we cave on the no British links front... Andreas Neophytou is a London-based graphic designer. Hire him to make your next cypher. - @grainedit