Friday, April 1, 2011

Best of the Blogs: STUDY's Week in Review - 4/1

Happy April Fools Day everyone! Personally, I feel like a cruel joke is being played on me since it also happens to be the opening day for a certain Northside baseball team, and everywhere you turn people are blasting Don Henley's Boys of Summer and John Fogerty's nails-on-chalkboard-classic, Centerfield. I will take this opportunity to once again thank Apple for the invention of the iPod. But no matter what sort of malicious prank the universe has dealt you today, at least we can brighten things up a bit around here by sharing what's kept us going the past week.

While your co-workers are busy dyeing the milk you have in the break room fridge blue - take moment to check out the best of what we read this week:

- Like Joy Division? You'll love Wim Crouwel's New Alphabet. @CasualOptimist

- Herm├ęs scarves for men!?!? Well, I don't mind if I do. @Sartorialist

- The artwork you have in your home should always remind you that time is ticking. @Postersandtoys

- Design Crisis schools us on why the penitentiary look is awesome in interiors. @identitycrisis

- The Vintage Bazaar debuts a hot new logo for the ages. @vintagebazaar

- Brad Ford is an interior designer living in Manhattan. His apartment is near perfection. @AnAfternoonWith

- If only we could all be this stylish at 84. @nickolsenstyle