Monday, April 25, 2011

Where Are They Now: STUDY's Loot

STUDY's booth at the first Vintage Bazaar at the DANK Haus
The first Vintage Bazaar at the DANK Haus.

One of the great things about buying vintage furnishings is that every piece has a story and we think it's our job as dealers to let the customer know as much as possible about the history of the piece. Sometimes you've got tons of information and sometimes its something along the lines of, "It's old and cool," or "I found it in a dumpster. Isn't it great?" Either way, it can be pretty easy to become attached to an item you're selling, which is why it's nice when you've find out something you've sold has gone to a good home.

The Vintage Bazaar is doing a great series right now on shoppers who've purchased from previous bazaars and today they featured friend of STUDY, Matthew Agrall who documents his own thrifting adventures over at Design... Revisiting. Back in February 2010 at the DANK Haus, Mathew picked up this bench upholstered in green velvet:

Vintage green velvet bench from STUDY
via The Vintage Bazaar

We looked everywhere for a picture of the bench at the bazaar, but I'm fairly certain it was one of the first items to sell so the "after" photo will just have to do. Fine by us though since we think it looks perfect in Matthew's house and is a great example of how to pair contemporary and vintage pieces.

Thanks to The Vintage Bazaar for letting us know that our little green bench didn't end up in crack den, and thanks to Matthew for his impeccable taste!