Friday, June 17, 2011

Best of the Blogs: STUDY's Week in Review - 6/17


Got your perfect weekend in order yet? Good... us neither. But as long as it doesn't involve rioting over a hockey team (oy) or tweeting half nekkie photos to the world (vey), we think we're all in for a pretty good time. Here in Chicago there's lots to check out this weekend like Taste of Randolph Street - the non-disgusting food fest that isn't Taste of Chicago - and of course the BackGarage + Cushion Chicago Vintage Warehouse Sale. Those two events are actually pretty close to each other so after you're done stuffing your face you can pop on over to the sale. And be sure to bring them some corn dogs, will ya...

- Looking to create your royal cypher? We hear a strawberries motif is the next big thing. - Nick Haus

- Not to get all morbid and stuff, but put this in the inspiration file under "Instructions for Family When I Die". - @GOOD

- New blog alert! Chicago designer Sean Cowan completely revamps his style and is kind enough to take us along for the ride. - Sean Michael Design

- Oh god... they're so ubiquitous the sight of one of these posters might make you keep calm and vom on... but they actually have a really interesting history. - @idsgn

- Even if you kill real life plants, you can still add some of this flora and fauna to your home. - @Postersandtoys

- Put the Goggle Desk in a traditional space with ornamental molding and you've just created our dream office. - Contemporist