Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Welcome to Our Home

Jason Loper via Apartment Therapy

After a year of work, our home finally had its debut via an Apartment Therapy house tour! When we were contacted by photographer Jason Loper a couple of months ago about doing a tour we weren't sure if the place was ready for primetime seeing as how, uh, the kitchen is still under construction, but we think Jason did a great job of emphasizing the home's strong points and kindly ignoring the kitchen. A few previews after the jump...

via Apartment Therapy

Let it be known that The Vintage Bazaar's Katherine Raz referred us to Apartment Therapy (Thanks Raz!) and that it was an incredibly fun experience. But now it's time for the really fun part... reading all the comments. Luckily we have yet to be ripped a new one and everyone who has joined in has been incredibly complimentary/supportive. They even like our pink and blue bathroom, which FYI, looks nice in person, but looks shelter mag good in Jason's photo.

Jason Loper via Apartment Therapy

Jason Loper via Apartment Therapy

Jason Loper via Apartment Therapy

See our full tour HERE and if you're interested in having one of your own, Apartment Therapy is always looking for submissions!