Friday, July 15, 2011

Black and Gold: STUDY's Week in Review 7/15

It's been such a busy (in a good way) week that, would you believe, we haven't had any time to catch up on our blog reading. Well all that's certainly gonna change this weekend when Andrew and I engage in a marathon blog reading race. That, or we'll check "Mark all as read" in Google Reader and do something much more productive with our time. Yeah, that's probably the better option. But just so you don't feel short-changed because of the lack of a Friday round-up, here's a song that's sure to set your weekend off just right:

Sam Sparro's Black and Gold is all top hats, limos and shiny vests. It also has us thinking we need to hit up an estate sale or two and find some more brass and/or Georges Briard tumblers. But even if we don't find anything, we just hope whomever bought these bad boys off of us is out there somewhere sipping a cocktail out of one.

Happy Weekend!