Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trip Report: Providence


This trip report is an entire month late, but I had to share it with you since it was during this trip that I picked up the summer tote that dreams are made of. First off, Providence, RI sounds incredibly unassuming until you actually get there. I managed to squirrel away a few hours late one afternoon to explore Providence's historic city center and completely fell in love with College Hill, the shops along Westminster Street and The Rhode Island School of Design's store, RISD Works. There I bought my one and only Providence purchase which I've since been carrying around with me everywhere I go.

The Brilliant Line Tote from RISD Works

The picture from RISD Works' website may leave a little to be desired, but trust, this a not only a gorgeous bag with an image of an engraved CANINE on it, but it's huge without being ridiculous. And I know... leave it to the guys from STUDY to find a summer tote almost completely devoid of color, but hey, we know a good thing when we see it. You can purchase your own "The Brilliant Line" tote here and read more about the exhibition this particular engraving came from here.

Other than that, Providence was beautiful, historically satisfying and has made the must-do list under places to go back to before dead.

I also heard about a fantastic antiques store, Heir, shortly after I got into town... but was completely devastated to find out from a local shopkeep that they'd moved to New York City just weeks before! Luckily, they left their sign behind and it was everything I could do not to rip it down and stuff it in my new tote.


No worries, I left it hanging for everyone else to enjoy.



RISD - Chace Center Providence R.I.
via BlueisCoool


And since the trip was mostly for work - it was, much like this post, short and sweet.