Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What Are You Doing This Weekend?

Faster than you can say Grant-Achatz-made-me-a-cocktail-of-farmers-market-strawberries-Thai-basil-long-pepper-simple-syrup-and-Domaine-Chandon-sparkling-wine-at-the-last-Dose-Market, we turn around and here it is again. This will be our third Dose and if the poster color change up is any indication (green is our favorite color), this market may just turn out to be the best. Expect more quality vintage furnishings and accessories from STUDY, with a few surprises thrown in since last time around you lovely customers cleaned us out! And oh do we love it when that happens.

Seriously though, on August 14th you and yours should stop by the River East Arts Center between 10am and 4pm to check out what we'll be offering... but take heed from TimeOut Chicago:

The early bird catches the vintage Georges Briard gold geometric tumblers!

Even if you're only in the market to hang out, eat some good food and check out the other vendors, stop by the booth anyway and you may just end up getting caught up in our new Instagram obsession:

We plan on taking lots more this time around... maybe even some of shoppers with their loot.

See you Sunday!

EAT at Dose 8/14
+ Pleasant House
+ La Colombe
+ Marion Street Cheese
+ Mayana Chocolate
+ Seedling
+ Brew Camp
+ Quince + Apple
+ Nice Cream
+ Cheap Tart
+ Lillie’s Q
+ Old Town Social
+ Scrumptious Pantry
+ Blis
+ Spices of Lezzet
+ Mindy Segal
+ X-Marx
+ Rare Tea Cellar
+ Panozzo’s

STYLE at Dose 8/14
+ Shikama
+ Gillion Carrara
+ Gentleman’s Boombox
+ Cities in Dust
+ Winter Session
+ Danika
+ Mineralogy
+ Grow
+ Sprout Home
+ 826Chi
+ Artfully Disheveled
+ LuLu’s at the Belle Kay
+ Saffron Vintage
+ Red Belly Boardshop
+ Luxury Garage Sale
+ Bodkin
+ Redshift
+ designerdrugs
+ Lisa Spagnolo
+ Allie’s Minis
+ Hydrogen Plus Records
+ twentythirtyforty

Discounted advance tickets HERE.