Friday, October 14, 2011

Sofa Table Time

Add this to the long list of items I buy for the explicit purpose of reselling, but end up putting in my house because, a. I love them, and b. when is the next time I'm going to come across a 6 ft long Parsons sofa table? Seriously folks, things are about to get out of hand if I don't do another market soon... Papa needs to unload some merch. But for the time being, ye old sofa table is staying put. I'd been toying with the idea of purchasing one for approximately the last four years, but I've never lived in a place that would exactly accommodate a floating sofa/table combo with 33" clearance on both sides. You heard it here first... STUDY thinks about ADA guidelines all the time... it's just how we roll (no pun intended).

I found the table about two weeks ago at an estate sale in Albany Park. The sale was held in a condo, so I wasn't holding out for any major pieces, but then I asked the organiser about the table hiding under a sheet and holding an extensive collection of paperback romance novels. It didn't have any tags and I wasn't sure it would fit in my car, but when burl calls, you better frigging answer.


I got it home and, like you do, immediately started staging it.

Right now this thing is my absolute favorite thing in the world. Even though it's laminate and "technically" it's faux-burl, I really don't care... it's extremely well done and is a lotta "look". Given the fact that I've been travelling for most of the past month, I didn't give a second thought to researching it, but if 1stdibs is to be believed, I think we may have a Milo Baughman piece on our hands:

Metro Retro Furniture via 1stdibs

Metro Retro Furniture is currently selling this sofa which is part of a pair that Milo Baughman did for Thayer Coggin Institutional. Although mine is missing any identifying tag, the construction and burl technique is identical.

Metro Retro Furniture via 1stdibs

Metro Retro Furniture via 1stdibs

I've had a hell of a time trying to research Thayer Coggin Institutional, but I understand that a lot of this furniture was in Michael Reese Hospital on Chicago's South Side (before it was unceremoniously demolished).

It being October and all, let's just hope it didn't come from a psych ward, and that it's not haunted.