Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Three Times a Charm

The Vintage Bazaar Logo

The good news? The mystery of the Nightwood chairs has been solved. The bad news? They're not vintage. But I suppose that's okay since they're a. still available, and b. still comfortable and gorgeous as all get out. Just wait twenty or so years and then you can drop the vintage moniker on anything, right? Coke cans, rolls of tape, Ziploc bags... just know that you won't find ANY of the aforementioned items when STUDY shows up at the next Vintage Bazaar, November 26 - 28 in Logan Square. That's right! Three days of vintage shopping bliss. Details after the jump.

The Vintage Bazaar Pop-up Shop November 26-29

This incarnation of the TVB is a pop-up boutique located at 2955 W. Lyndale where STUDY along with four other vendors will be offering up more mouth-watering vintage finds for you and yours as we head into that long goodnight called the holidays. We always found it a little absurd that people wake up at such ungodly hours on Black Friday just to wait in line for poker tables at Wal-Mart, so you'll be happy to know that TVB's pop-up is opening on Friday from 5pm - 9pm for a party featuring DJs, libations, snacks, giveaways and first dibs on all the good stuff we'll be selling. Tickets for Friday are $10 and can be purchased here. Saturday and Sunday are free admission.

Friday, November 26th - Opening Night Party ($10) - 5pm - 9pm
Saturday, November 27th - TVB Pop-up Boutique (FREE) - 11am - 6pm
Sunday, November 28th - TVB Pop-up Boutique (FREE) - 11am - 5pm

And if tweeting is your thing, you can also win tickets to Friday night by giving a RT to this TVB post or leaving a comment on the same post to win (if you RT make sure to CC @vintagebazaar or if commenting leave your email address along with your comment).

The Vintage Bazaar Chair Promo - Katherine Raz and Libby Alexander
Katherine Raz and Libby Alexander Mean Business - via TVB

The shift from massive Congress Theater extravaganza, to intimate shopping experience is part of Katherine Raz and Libby Alexander's ongoing evolution of the TVB brand. In case you hadn't heard, there's also a newsletter, website and a youtube channel! Stay tuned for a TVB limited edition Scion and monthly dance party at Subterranean somewhere in the near future. But while we wait for those, check out our comrades in arms:

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