Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Walnut, Ebony and Ivory

Jens Risom Walnut Armchair

What's the perfect spot to photograph the Jens Risom walnut armchair you're selling on Craigslist you ask? Why, on your new ebony-stained floors of course. That's right... we went there. But only in the bedroom. In our last place we had a guest room that we painted black, but looking back that seems like overkill. You might argue that staining your floors black with Minwax's Polyshades in Classic Black is a bit of overkill, but we'll just have to go tomato, tom├Ąto on this one.

STUDY's Halloween Party 2009
The guest room in our last apartment

In case you're wondering, that cheesecloth wasn't a year round thing, but the only good picture we had of the space was from our Halloween party a couple of years ago. Go figure... this room became something of a catch-all, but it was also incredibly good for general end-of-day laziness and television-watching.

Jens Risom Walnut Armchair

Back to the bedroom circa-2011, the sheepskins also made another appearance which is no surprise since they make everything better by association (ed. note: I'm fully expecting PETA to put this blog on a watchlist).

Unfortunately, you're going to have to wait for more pictures of the floor since we're still not done with the room in toto and, uh, you have to sweep about once every three hours. And forget about letting dogs with white-ish hair run around. This is the one downside to ebony floors: either plan on hiring a cleaning crew, or really sticking to your New Year's resolution of keeping your house tip-top tidy.

Also, apologies for the heavily enhanced lead photo. It being Winter in Chicago and all, we no longer walk with the living during daylight hours. Here... this will probably give you a better, albeit blander idea of things:

Jens Risom Walnut Armchair

If you're interested in this Scandinavian beauty, she's still available on Craigslist for the bargain - by Risom-standards - price of $375.