Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chateau Redux

Late last year you may have read a post we wrote bemoaning the fact that the brand new archival pigment-inked print on 100% cotton rag paper we bought from 20x200 was being featured on USA Network's Characters Approved blog. Upon realizing that nothing is sacred and one cathartic blog post later... we were over it. Cut to FIVE MONTHS later and we've finally gotten around to framing this beauty.

With the help of the amazing team at Foursided in Andersonville, we went with 3" mat border, basic white frame, 1/4" raised float mount for the image. It's a fairly subdued frame job, but we really wanted Jeremy Kohm's Chateau to be the star.

I should also mention that the staff at Foursided completely restored my faith in the integrity of this print - USA Network blogs aside - since everyone was incredibly complimentary of it. In fact, when we picked it up on Monday and before it was unwrapped, the employee working that day knew which job was ours just by my last name and told us how great she thought it looked. In case you were wondering - yes - you can buy me with compliments.

Now Chateau proudly hangs in our salle à manger where its creepy Overlook Hotel undertones can be enjoyed while you dine.

And as an interesting endnote, while we were waiting for the job to be done, an email from 20x200 landed in my inbox suggesting how we should frame the print.

via 20x200

We didn't exactly heed this advice, but we think everything turned out for the best. We're extremely happy with the results and cannot wait to get something else framed at Foursided!