Monday, May 16, 2011

A New Year, A New Vintage Bazaar

STUDY at The Vintage Bazaar in Pilsen

We'll always have a place in our heart for the frenzy of the DANK Haus, the grittiness of the Congress and the vendor clubhouse that was the Logan Square pop-up shop, but we think The Vintage Bazaar has really hit its stride this time around when it set up shop in Pilsen this past Saturday. It's brighter, the aisles are larger and most of all, its way more shopable. Once again Katherine Raz and Libby Alexander (and a lot of fantastic volunteers) did an amazing job of making 50 vendors and hordes of happy shoppers feel right at home in the expansive loft space above Architectural Anarchy.

STUDY at The Vintage Bazaar in Pilsen

A LOT happened on Saturday. All exciting and fun, but probably way too much to go over in the course of one post. So let's just focus on what our favorite part of the day was.

STUDY at The Vintage Bazaar in Pilsen

We love the thrill of the hunt when it comes to scouting vintage furnishings, but there is absolutely nothing better than selling an item to someone who is truly excited about the piece they're buying. It's sort of the entire reason we do what we do. This Vintage Bazaar was a real treat for us since so many customers who came to visit us are either followers of the blog, are fans on facebook, or follow us on twitter.

STUDY at The Vintage Bazaar in Pilsen

First there was Chad who picked up the Albini ottoman...

Franco Albini Rattan Ottoman

And then there was the lovely woman who totally got the primitive hunt scene watercolor we've either been delighting or scaring cutomers with since late last year.

Primitive Hunt Scene Watercolor Painting

By the way, if anyone has an item purchased from STUDY and you want to show it off in it's new digs, be sure to post a picture to our facebook wall!

STUDY at The Vintage Bazaar in Pilsen

We can't thank enough everyone who stopped by to shop, or just to say hi. Not to be utterly saccharine, but it really means a lot to both of us.

And finally, plan on seeing STUDY at the next two Vintage Bazaars happening September 17th and December 10th.