Thursday, November 4, 2010

TVB Preview: The Midas Touch

STUDY Vintage Bazaar Preview

We're in high gear for the next Vintage Bazaar - what, you didn't see yesterday's post - so that means lots of trips to estate sales, garage sales, the Salvation Army, the Brown Elephant... you know the drill. We've also had a spate of completely awesome finds of late and couldn't wait to share the wealth. Pardon the nighttime photos... but gold and yellow still read pretty well in low light.

- Gilt Wheat Sheaf Lamp
STUDY Vintage Bazaar Preview

You didn't think we'd forgotten about wheat sheaf, did you?

- Velvet Louis XVI Chair
STUDY Vintage Bazaar Preview

And in case you thought there was nothing good left at The Brown Elephant anymore, this velvet Louis XVI chair was found at the Oak Park location in ridiculously good condition.

- Ming Ceramic Horse
STUDY Vintage Bazaar Preview

I think we all need a Imperial Yellow Ming ceramic horse. I found one here in green, but let's keep it regal, shall we?

- Georges Briard Art Nouveau Highballs
STUDY Vintage Bazaar Preview

If Don Draper is drinking out of these Dorothy Thorpe glasses, then Joan and Betty most certainly get together and throw back a few in this sexy set of six.

All these and more can be found when STUDY hits The Vintage Bazaar pop-up boutique in Logan Square, November 26-28.